vfx contribution: ‘living’ posters, pistol firing, bullet holes, shot bottles


Μουσική: Μαριέττα Φαφούτη
Στίχοι: Γεράσιμος Ευαγγελάτος
Ενορχήστρωση: Δημήτρης Σιάμπος
Υπεύθυνος παραγωγής: Νίκος Μακράκης

Living Posters:

I basically did the poster shots, based on posters by well known films, including: ‘Amelie’, ‘Rojo’ and ‘Blue is the warmest color’. The concept of the clip is based on the name of the song: ‘Zise tin agapi opos sto sinema’, which is to live love as it is portrayed in the movies, this was translated into – quite literally – making Crystallia (the performer) be a part of various movies, in various eras, as well as show her in movie posters signing the song.

I started with ‘Blue’, which ended up being the most time consuming, since it involved some hand masking of a talking person, which means zero error tolerance at a huge ‘5120 x 2160’ resolution. It also had the weirdest color for skin, which was tough to match, but ultimately possible. The other two, ‘Amelie’ and ‘Rojo’, were a lot more straightforward and I was able to produce a full take of the performer in both posters without issue.

The curtains in ‘Rojo’ and the starts in the ‘Amelie’ poster are animated ( animated mesh and particles respectively), getting the white skin for the ‘Amelie’ poster involved some simple trickery of extracting Crystallias skin and blurring it. I also matched the warped perspective, but decided to avoid a slight hatching effect the original had, it looked weird animated. The lighting didn’t match the posters exactly, but a decision was made early on that we would focus on color and not lighting, which made my life a lot easier ( props to Dim. Platanias ).

Gun Play:

I also did the gun firing shots as well as bullet holes and smashing bottles in the bar.

The bottle animation wasn’t very satisfactory and we ditched it just before we rendered the master in favor of bullet holes. We kept a couple of them. It was done in After Effects, since I thought it would be enough, but without sound to sell the effect it fell flat – plus there is only so much you can do with simple particles. Gun shots were straightforward, most of the work relies on one frame. In this frame the muzzle flash appears, the surroundings elements are lit up (hands, face, gun etc) and then we have some smoke. Muzzle flash footage can be found – royalty free – on the internet and you can even match the gun. A few elements were erased and others were fudged to conceal their identity, but I doubt anyone will notice, which is the point.

shot_02 shot_04-05 shot_00

My new demoreel will feature breakdowns from this clip, so stay tuned.