Matchlings iOS Game

Matchlings – iPhone/iPod/iPad Match3 Game

Taking the classic match 3 game and adding a twist, no more lifeless objects, now you have to match up animated characters with real characters of their own. Special moves, weird tastes and a magic stars to complete the mix.

The lovable fury critters got a revamp, re-render and some real 3D fur this time in order to take advantage of the iPad’ s superior screen and obviously the enhanced resolution found in the newly available iPhone 4G.

We made 8 Characters and their animations. Initial concept art was provided as ideas for the faces and expressions these were then transferred to full body characters. Variations were made and 2 characters were replaced and thrown out – poor little things. So 10 characters in total, over 80 animations and special moves reaching from one edge of the screen to the other.

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