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quadpop - iOS game


Relive the childhood games of the past. Zoosware presents the game that many of the children from Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines grew up with in the 70s and 80s – Fighting Spiders.

Have fun catching the spiders, grooming it for the real fight.

Get the unfair advantage and buy premium spiders with better health and better attributes.

Win fights and get the challenges and achievements in Game Centre.

Its as close as you can get to the real thing except this time, no spiders are harmed.

Good Luck!


Minions is a cartoony, pick-up-and-play shooter game with a strong emphasis on whimsy and fun.

The clever minions you created to take over the world have decided that they should be in charge! Use your mad scientist weapons to vanquish your former minions before they destroy you!

Unleash your all-purpose Electro-gun, melee Hammer, Sound Wave blaster, and powerful Bird Launcher to mow down villainously cute minions through eight action-packed FPS levels. Use a blast of minion mind control to get breathing room when the situation is dire.

Spawn points located through each level create new minions—take out the spawn stations and eliminate all the minions to clear each level as quickly as you can to earn the best ratings for both points and time.

Earn Game Center Achievements and perfect three-star ratings as you build your Speed, Stamina, and Power attributes and unlock harder difficulties. Small, fast Melee minions swarm you with mallets, Sound Wave minions use their powerful short-range sonic weapon to blast you, and the big, slow Bird Launcher minions fire explosive birds at you. Take them all out to become the master of Minions!

Matchlings iOS Game

Matchlings – iPhone/iPod/iPad Match3 Game

Taking the classic match 3 game and adding a twist, no more lifeless objects, now you have to match up animated characters with real characters of their own. Special moves, weird tastes and a magic stars to complete the mix.

The lovable fury critters got a revamp, re-render and some real 3D fur this time in order to take advantage of the iPad’ s superior screen and obviously the enhanced resolution found in the newly available iPhone 4G.

We made 8 Characters and their animations. Initial concept art was provided as ideas for the faces and expressions these were then transferred to full body characters. Variations were made and 2 characters were replaced and thrown out – poor little things. So 10 characters in total, over 80 animations and special moves reaching from one edge of the screen to the other.

Check out the Matchlings website here:

Archetype iOS Game

Archetype – iPhone FPS

Archetype is a First Person Shooter for the iOS.

Our world is attacked by Aliens and you have to train hard.

In Archteype you start out as a lowly cadet and gain experience and achievements in order to become the ultimate warrior.

Hard-Core Team Death-match games against players around the world and your friends.

So prepare for the “iPhone Quake” and enter the Archetype world and iPwn community!

Check out the website at: Official Archetype Site or you can buy it directly from the AppStore here: Buy Archetype Now