Minions is a cartoony, pick-up-and-play shooter game with a strong emphasis on whimsy and fun.

The clever minions you created to take over the world have decided that they should be in charge! Use your mad scientist weapons to vanquish your former minions before they destroy you!

Unleash your all-purpose Electro-gun, melee Hammer, Sound Wave blaster, and powerful Bird Launcher to mow down villainously cute minions through eight action-packed FPS levels. Use a blast of minion mind control to get breathing room when the situation is dire.

Spawn points located through each level create new minions—take out the spawn stations and eliminate all the minions to clear each level as quickly as you can to earn the best ratings for both points and time.

Earn Game Center Achievements and perfect three-star ratings as you build your Speed, Stamina, and Power attributes and unlock harder difficulties. Small, fast Melee minions swarm you with mallets, Sound Wave minions use their powerful short-range sonic weapon to blast you, and the big, slow Bird Launcher minions fire explosive birds at you. Take them all out to become the master of Minions!